Catering Service and Join Us At the Green Up Clean Up Event

Dear All, 

Sorry for the recent silence.

The meal delivery service we have been running for 3 years is now closed.
Home Cooking SE24 is still open though.
We still provide food for private events – small and medium at the moment – and hope to keep on doing that for the future.

We decided to change our food business formula into catering service for a lot of reasons actually but mainly because in this way we can pay whole attention to those little details that make food at a special event so important.
Please, have a look at the website and at the bespoke menu we created for your never-to-be-missed promotion party, intimate wedding, mum and dad surprise anniversary party.

Every important event in our lives has to be special and we’re happy to listen to your requests and customize the menu to your needs.
It’s me, Giuseppina, answering your requests and doing the cooking, as usual.
Yes, that means you’re still in right hands!
Totó, who in the meantime has decided to follow his other great passion – gardening – and started his own thriving business, is now helping me just with the logistics and accountancy.
Yes, you guessed right, I have never been great at maths!

By the way, I’ll be at the Clean and Green Up event organized by Herne Hill Forum this Saturday the 14th together with Kimberly Mears of BumbleBox – more info here.
Cooking, you asked?
Not really.
There’s some mixing and kneading involved though.
We’re having a beautiful bees-and-flowers-decorated stall where we’re teaching children how to make wildflowers seedballs.
We want to grow a guerrilla-gardeners army actually in order to make our neighborhood more colourful and prettier than ever and help the bees and other pollinators to survive.
Come and say hi!

It has been great to feed you all so far and we hope to do that again in the next future.
Thank you so much for your encouraging mails and texts.

Lots of Home Cooking SE24 love to you

Giuseppina and Totó

P.s.: If you need a helping hand with that unruly hedge email Totó at [email protected] Lots of positive feedback in the Local Traders and Services section of the Herne Hill Forum. Check him out here!


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Join us at the Clean and Green Up event Sat 14th. It’s going to be BEE-UTIFUL!